Westair Aviation offers a wide range of both scheduled and unscheduled air cargo solutions. Westair Aviation has been operating a dedicated schedule cargo service to DHL over the past 20 years and has maintained an impressive dispatch reliability record over this period.

In addition to its dedicated aviation support to the cargo industry, Westair Aviation also supports the mining sector in transferring high-value cargo across Africa.


Westair has more than 15 years’ experience flying a wide range of surveys across not only Namibia, but the entire African continent.

Westair Aviation operates aircraft that are capable of conducting the following surveying services:

•Geophysical Surveys,
•Aerial Mapping and LIDAR,
•Maritime Patrols
•Wildlife Conservation Surveys.

Having conducted surveys successfully in more than 15 African countries, Westair Aviation specialises in providing aircraft, crew and maintenance back-up for aerial survey operations. We operate specially modified aircraft that are capable of carrying the required equipment for a wide range of aerial survey operations.

In addition to several geophysical surveys, Westair Aviation has conducted aerial patrols to inspect and control illegal fishing operations off the Angolan coastline and has been involved in several anti–poaching patrols across Southern Africa.


Westair Aviation offers fixed-wing support to the offshore mining and the oil and gas industries. Westair Aviation is the first aviation company in Namibia to achieve the BARS Gold safety standards as proof of its dedication and commitment to offer aviation services of the highest safety standards to the resource sector.

Westair Aviation operates Embraer ERJ 145, Beechcraft King Air 350 and various other jet and turboprop aircraft in support of offshore mining and exploration operations. We have the capability to offer tailored fixed-wing aviation support to mining companies across the African continent.


Medical Rescue Africa (MRA) one of Africa’s leading fixed wing Aeromedical Evacuation companies specialising in the evacuation of critically ill and injured patients across Africa, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

MRA, through Westair Aviation, has a dedicated fleet of Air Ambulance aircraft on standby which have the ability to land on unimproved airstrips as well as to operate at night and in bad weather conditions. Air crews undergo regular refresher training and all operations comply with the highest safety and quality standards.

MRA has a fully functional 24-hour Emergency Response Centre with trained and dedicated operators utilising state of the art equipment and aviation information technology. The Emergency Response Centre liaises with local and international Medical Aid, insurance and medical assistance companies to help facilitate and coordinate medical evacuations, and medical repatriation services.

MRA is led by a management team with extensive experience in medical response, evacuation and support operations.


Westair Aviation offers fleet management and operational support services to clients anywhere in Africa. Assisting with maintenance tracking, flight clearances, crew and aircraft management, Westair Aviation is able to assist companies to get the most efficient and cost-effective utilisation of their aviation assets.


Westair Aviation, through its sister company Signa Aviation Services, offers a wide range of aviation training services.

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